Happy breeds Happy

I’m pretty much loving this revelation right now.

I recently read Denise Duffield Thomas’ book, Lucky Bitch. The book details her experience of manifesting an all expenses paid trip around the world for six months. While I’m not particularly interested in upping sticks right now – I was inspired.

I’ve always believed that what’s meant for you will find you.

I now also believe that happy breeds more happy. Love breeds more love; and money? Yep. It breeds more money. I feel like a magnet for all that is good in the world right now. I am brimming with feel good factor and am able to see the positive in everything.

It’s not too far from my mind that I know how it feels to be on the opposite end of the scale. Life can feel pretty overwhelming at times and I’m realising that when you feel low/sad/broke – it only take one small change to start an upward spiral.

Be open to the one small change in your life and who knows what can happen.

I’m ready for the next step.