My Inspiration List

So I’m going through an EPIC shift in my business right now. Like, seriously… Right this minute.

I’ve been on the fence about making a serious investment in myself and my business in the form of working 1:1 with Kendrick Shope as my coach for the next year.

I wasn’t on the fence because I didn’t know if there was going to be return on my investment. I was on the fence because I had no idea how the heck I would afford it every month.

I’ve been doing a lot of work on my money mindset thanks to discovering the amazing Denise Duffield Thomas. I’ve got my head around the fact that as a self employed person, I have unlimited earning potential and can manifest almost any amount of money that I need.

I wanted to write about this now because there is a video right back at the beginning of this blog where I was taking the leap to sign up to Marie Forleo‘s B School. At that point in time, a $2,000 investment when I was earning ZERO was terrifying. The relevance here is that even though the investment I’ve been considering this week is crazy realms of light years beyond the $2,000 I somehow scraped together to enrol in B School over 18 months ago – it’s the exact same process.

Can I step into this?

Am I good/big/brave/serious/ready enough to do this?

This week has been a learning experience all of its own. I’ve been here, there and back again and worried about it way more than I even had energy for. “There’s one slot left!” Arghhhh! When I saw that message and the people in my various social groups all discussing the idea of applying I was all like “Hands off – that’s MY spot!”.

I resorted to my usual technique of asking everyone’s opinion and then making my own mind up regardless.

What really sold me? The communication that I had with Kendrick was flawless. I did her Sales School this year (well, I enrolled and have only listened to the first few lessons so far – but I have heard enough to know…) and the emails that I received from her in response to my questions, panic and self-doubt were an inspiration. They followed the exact ‘recipe’ that she was teaching us in Sales School. I ‘knew’ I was being sold to. And I loved it.


Because it was authentic.

Just that email exchange alone has made me grow and reflect. Imagine what 11 months of 1:1 is going to do for me and my business brain?

I was just listening in to the final live call of Sales School. Marsha Shandur of Yes Yes Marsha was talking about effective emails and again, I was just so struck by how many smart women I know right now. I’m surrounded by genius. What’s more – it’s funny genius! That’s the best kind.

Kendrick was hosting the call and I realised that I’ve bought into her good and proper. I love her southern accent, her sense of humour and her straight talk. It really, really works.

Honestly? I want me some of that. I want the buddy factor. I want to hang out with Marsha and gush together about how awesome Kendrick is. I want to be up to date with everything that Kendrick teaches, absorb her wisdom and give it my own spin. Today when her last email said to reach out if I had any more Q’s – I replied saying that I had a burning one…. WHERE COULD I SIGN UP?

I can’t freaking WAIT to see what this next crazy leap is going to do for me.

The first incredible thing to happen?

I just wrote a blog post. Woahhhh.