My Inspiration List

So I’m going through an EPIC shift in my business right now. Like, seriously… Right this minute.

I’ve been on the fence about making a serious investment in myself and my business in the form of working 1:1 with Kendrick Shope as my coach for the next year.

I wasn’t on the fence because I didn’t know if there was going to be return on my investment. I was on the fence because I had no idea how the heck I would afford it every month.

I’ve been doing a lot of work on my money mindset thanks to discovering the amazing Denise Duffield Thomas. I’ve got my head around the fact that as a self employed person, I have unlimited earning potential and can manifest almost any amount of money that I need.

I wanted to write about this now because there is a video right back at the beginning of this blog where I was taking the leap to sign up to Marie Forleo‘s B School. At that point in time, a $2,000 investment when I was earning ZERO was terrifying. The relevance here is that even though the investment I’ve been considering this week is crazy realms of light years beyond the $2,000 I somehow scraped together to enrol in B School over 18 months ago – it’s the exact same process.

Can I step into this?

Am I good/big/brave/serious/ready enough to do this?

This week has been a learning experience all of its own. I’ve been here, there and back again and worried about it way more than I even had energy for. “There’s one slot left!” Arghhhh! When I saw that message and the people in my various social groups all discussing the idea of applying I was all like “Hands off – that’s MY spot!”.

I resorted to my usual technique of asking everyone’s opinion and then making my own mind up regardless.

What really sold me? The communication that I had with Kendrick was flawless. I did her Sales School this year (well, I enrolled and have only listened to the first few lessons so far – but I have heard enough to know…) and the emails that I received from her in response to my questions, panic and self-doubt were an inspiration. They followed the exact ‘recipe’ that she was teaching us in Sales School. I ‘knew’ I was being sold to. And I loved it.


Because it was authentic.

Just that email exchange alone has made me grow and reflect. Imagine what 11 months of 1:1 is going to do for me and my business brain?

I was just listening in to the final live call of Sales School. Marsha Shandur of Yes Yes Marsha was talking about effective emails and again, I was just so struck by how many smart women I know right now. I’m surrounded by genius. What’s more – it’s funny genius! That’s the best kind.

Kendrick was hosting the call and I realised that I’ve bought into her good and proper. I love her southern accent, her sense of humour and her straight talk. It really, really works.

Honestly? I want me some of that. I want the buddy factor. I want to hang out with Marsha and gush together about how awesome Kendrick is. I want to be up to date with everything that Kendrick teaches, absorb her wisdom and give it my own spin. Today when her last email said to reach out if I had any more Q’s – I replied saying that I had a burning one…. WHERE COULD I SIGN UP?

I can’t freaking WAIT to see what this next crazy leap is going to do for me.

The first incredible thing to happen?

I just wrote a blog post. Woahhhh.

How my Vlog saved my B School Bacon ( #rhhbschool )

What a weird day I had yesterday. I vlogged here about how amazing I was feeling after completing module 1 and that I was psyched to know who my customers were and more importantly; how to find find them… Then I went through the website module. And it all unravelled a little.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve had an emotional week but something wasn’t quite balanced with my thinking last night. I convinced myself that I wasn’t going to get value from B School and that I was paying all this money just to access networking (amazing networking that should say). After posting my feelings on the Facenook group I received some incredible emails overnight that really wowed me.

This morning I fired up my MacBook Pro and checked myself. I opened up this site and watched back my vlog entry from yesterday. I could SEE the change in me jumping right out of the screen. What on earth had my problem been last night?

Thank goodness I have this place so that in future times of doubt or negativity I can simply look back and see the positive energy beaming out from me. I’ve had my own lightbulb moments aplenty already; plus I already said repeatedly that if I don’t even get another thing out of B School it was already worth the financial investment. I wouldn’t be writing or updating this blog for a start and it’s opened up many avenues and ideas for me that I would never have possibly been brave enough to believe myself capable of.

I am stating it here in black and white:

I adore B School and thanks to this little place I’ve made my home; I’m able to remember that at all times from this moment on :)

Start the Right Business

So excited last night to complete the ‘Start the Right Business’ pdf from B School bonus materials.

I learnt so much about myself, my business ideas and they way I want to shape my life for future.

And there was this:

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it”

Simon Sinek

I so want to go into this in a whole heap more depth but not today. Just know that this was an aha moment for sure. It makes so much sense!

Have you completed the Start the Right Business materials? Have you had an aha moment of your own that you’d like to share?