What's in a Domain Name?

Hmmm. Confusion has well and truly grabbed me.

I used to hold my site on the domain www.totallylaura.com – last September I moved it to nakedblogging.com and underwent a total rebrand in line with releasing my first digital product. Naked Blogging has been a great home and I finally felt like ‘a brand’.

Now? I’m having another moment of clarity that’s making me wonder if I have everything in the right place. My thinking is that perhaps my blog and free content hub should sit on my name. Then my products have their own URL’s that I can direct prospects to.

Makes perfect sense no (much more succinctly than in the video I suspect!)? If so, what’s holding me back? I think the biggest hurdle is that I know it will break all of my hard earned back links to my blog. Silver lining is that people will find the Naked Blogging product site… So I should just do it… Right?

Would love your thoughts and feedback!

FAO Overwhelmed Module 2 Peeps

It’s all going to be ok :)

Take a deep breath and just pause. Why are you feeling this awful fear, panic and frustration about not being able to get the results you know your business needs? Because you’re passionate about what you’ve learnt! You’ve listened, digested and now you want to take some darned action – why does it have to be so difficult?!

It doesn’t.

After several messages today from overwhelmed B Schoolers who are all experiencing the same feeling albeit with very different elements concerning their websites – I wanted to really speak to you. You feel this way because you care. It’s ok that you don’t have all the skills right now to be able to create a Marie Forleo style website. Sometimes? A girl needs a helping hand – ain’t no shame in admitting that.

Yesterday I offered to provide support in any way I could with all issues relating to websites. I am a WordPress designer (I like to consider myself retired) and know that this is the one area of B School where I can give back with my absolute all.

If you’re diving on in to reinventing your WordPress site you should absolutely check out the following plugin. It’s called ‘Theme Tester’. You can either go ahead and search for it under your plugins menu in your WP dashboard or you can click to download the files ready for upload via FTP here.

The MarieTV episode I referred to had an awesome exercise inside it that would serve you well right now. Click here to see it.

How my Vlog saved my B School Bacon ( #rhhbschool )

What a weird day I had yesterday. I vlogged here about how amazing I was feeling after completing module 1 and that I was psyched to know who my customers were and more importantly; how to find find them… Then I went through the website module. And it all unravelled a little.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve had an emotional week but something wasn’t quite balanced with my thinking last night. I convinced myself that I wasn’t going to get value from B School and that I was paying all this money just to access networking (amazing networking that should say). After posting my feelings on the Facenook group I received some incredible emails overnight that really wowed me.

This morning I fired up my MacBook Pro and checked myself. I opened up this site and watched back my vlog entry from yesterday. I could SEE the change in me jumping right out of the screen. What on earth had my problem been last night?

Thank goodness I have this place so that in future times of doubt or negativity I can simply look back and see the positive energy beaming out from me. I’ve had my own lightbulb moments aplenty already; plus I already said repeatedly that if I don’t even get another thing out of B School it was already worth the financial investment. I wouldn’t be writing or updating this blog for a start and it’s opened up many avenues and ideas for me that I would never have possibly been brave enough to believe myself capable of.

I am stating it here in black and white:

I adore B School and thanks to this little place I’ve made my home; I’m able to remember that at all times from this moment on :)

It's all About the Premium

I have adored getting down and dirty with module 1 of B School and getting to grips with my profit plan.

Already I have a clear outlook on what I want to create, mould and shape and how to do it. I can’t wait to see how the rest of the course builds upon this – only trouble is; I’m raring to get out of the starting blocks!

I’m all about the branding and I’m now on the lookout for a Graphic design type person who can help professionalise the shizzle out of what I am about to create.

I also need a professional video setup to record my materials in a much less wobbly and bad lighting-y way than the above.

Answers on a postcard? Or you can email me if you want to talk about either of the above.