FAO Overwhelmed Module 2 Peeps

It’s all going to be ok :)

Take a deep breath and just pause. Why are you feeling this awful fear, panic and frustration about not being able to get the results you know your business needs? Because you’re passionate about what you’ve learnt! You’ve listened, digested and now you want to take some darned action – why does it have to be so difficult?!

It doesn’t.

After several messages today from overwhelmed B Schoolers who are all experiencing the same feeling albeit with very different elements concerning their websites – I wanted to really speak to you. You feel this way because you care. It’s ok that you don’t have all the skills right now to be able to create a Marie Forleo style website. Sometimes? A girl needs a helping hand – ain’t no shame in admitting that.

Yesterday I offered to provide support in any way I could with all issues relating to websites. I am a WordPress designer (I like to consider myself retired) and know that this is the one area of B School where I can give back with my absolute all.

If you’re diving on in to reinventing your WordPress site you should absolutely check out the following plugin. It’s called ‘Theme Tester’. You can either go ahead and search for it under your plugins menu in your WP dashboard or you can click to download the files ready for upload via FTP here.

The MarieTV episode I referred to had an awesome exercise inside it that would serve you well right now. Click here to see it.

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