Here's What I Can Offer You

To my fellow B Schoolers,

I posted on the Facebook group this evening (UK time!) saying I was feeling a little deflated about not getting anything out of this week’s module (websites). After a couple of really useful and thought provoking responses here’s what I’m gonna do about it…

I’m a web savvy chick. No doubt about that; it’s what got me here in the first place. I’m not wanting to start going all salesy on you all or listing what these things would usually cost etc. This isn’t a sales pitch; quite the opposite. Here’s the thing: Rather than looking for what I can gain from B School this week – I’m looking for ways to add value to my fellow B Schoolers who may not be as geeky as I am 😉

So – in brief; hit me up! If you need a website review; WordPress advice; theme suggestion; help with figuring out who to start building your list with – I’m all ears. Well… In a few hours. It’s late here and I’m hitting my pillow after I click publish.

In the meantime, email me. Share this post and feel free to make use of me the best way you know how!

You know you want to 😉

3 thoughts on “Here's What I Can Offer You”

  1. Hi Laura,

    Nice one! I actually didn’t buzz as much from this week as last week as I’ve been genning (even a word?!) on web stuff for a couple of months. That said, I still have a question I wonder if you can help me with?

    I’m on and I think its time to go to .org so I can really pimp my site (experiencing considerable shame just now but I have big ideas, lol!)

    I did all the work on the current site myself, but it was time consuming – I enjoyed it, but I’m a coach, not a web designer, and I have a family who need to see me occasionally!

    Have you got any tips on going over to .org without it being a time consuming mess? I’m gonna get them help me map it, I haven’t really looked any further than that.

    I know there’s a TON of stuff out there to tell you what to do. I ALSO know it can take ages just trawling through that to find just what you need.

    Is it time to hire? (budgetty budgetty…..)

    Aw thanks for opening yourself up like this, cool deals lady!


    1. Hi Alice :)

      Thanks for the comment.

      I’ve moved many sites from .com to .org and once you know what you’re doing and what goes where it’s easy to feel confident about it – but, you don’t know what you don’t know is never truer than with web based stuff and it can be scary to contemplate losing anything.

      I’d suggest starting out with a clean design that allows your existing content to carry on working for you. Then pop on a theme tester plugin which will allow you to work behind the scenes without allowing the public to see what you’re up to. That way you can take your time and only go live when you really feel ready.

      You could hire for advice rather than for ‘doing’ if that’s how you’d like to work – the choice really is yours :)

      Good luck and please keep me posted!


  2. Thanks so much Laura, I like the idea of switching over to a clean design for now then playing around in the background. Do I need to do the switch before I can do that, or can I install a theme tester while I’m still on .com?

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