My B School Blog Intro

Marie Forleo has been on my radar for well over a year now. Following her website relaunch last year and the incredible presentation of her B School programme marketing materials; I’ve reached decision point.

I’ve been doing my thing since October 2010. I came into the whole consulting/advising arena by accident following the launch of a successful (accidental) e-commerce site. I never paid for advertising and used my online networks to promote my message. It worked. Really, really well. So much so, that other people aspiring to online business ownership started seeking my help. Before long I had a couple of larger corporate clients and I was stumbling along the path whilst growing my business.

Don’t get me wrong, I knew the stuff I knew was valuable and credible. But I didn’t really know how to focus what I was all about. When asked what I do I was never able to answer succinctly. Mainly because I get so excited about new directions at any given opportunity.

Now 2.5 years on, a single mum and with my daughter starting school in September; it’s time to get real.

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