Sorry, I'm Fully Booked

Wow. How many times have I wanted to say those words over the years?

Well now it’s true. I’m officially not taking on any new clients (sorry peeps) until after I have come through the other side of the B School process.

Why have I made this decision? Simply because I want to give my all not just to B School but also the wonderful clients I already work with and my daughter.

I’ve taken the drastic step of removing my offerings from my website until a later date. People who are interested can still contact me to make enquiries but I’m likely to offer a date nearer to the summer months when I know I will be available for work. Even then; who knows what I will be offering in the shape of services by then.

My thoughts at this moment in time are that I want to create a shit hot digital product that I can focus on selling in a well structured (and effective) manner leaving me free to focus on just a few clients that I can really enjoy working with.

No more websites. But that’s in another video :)

Have you made any big decisions yet?

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